Become a Power User
1. Edit your profile.
Add a photo and a few sentences about yourself to your profile.
2. Connect with other members.
On the homepage of each circle, you'll find a list of all members, what they need and what they have to share. Click on their profile icon to contact them directly. Don't be shy!
3. Browse articles, conversations, & resources.
Across the top of each circle's homepage, you'll see all the tools such as articles, conversations, & resources.
4. Join a live event.
Unless a circle's administrator turns it off, you'll see a calendar of upcoming events on your circle's homepage.
5. Create something!
Add a resource; start a conversation; host a live event!

The power of Qiqo is that it helps members of a group organize from the bottom-up. Each member can share ideas and start conversations.
6. Start your own circle.
Do you belong to an organization that could benefit from Qiqo?

Create a circle for your team or organization here. Audio/video meetings are 1 cent/min per person. All other tools are free.
FAQs in NEXUS4change
What is QiqoChat?
Qiqo is set of collaborative tools for use by online groups and communities.
So, what makes Qiqo different?
Qiqo's tools are designed specifically for online communities. They provide just a little bit of structure so that a large number of people can interact and learn from each other efficiently.
What are all the tools on Qiqo?
Circles, Sub-Circles, Notifications, Live Events by Phone/Video, Video Breakouts Rooms, Screensharing, Live Event Scheduler, Peer-to-Peer Weekly Newsletter, 1-on-1 Phone Hotline, Written Conversations, Questions & Recommendations, Collections, Articles, Project Management & Task Tracking, Uploaded Files, Flashcards, Community Calendar, Collaborative Notes, Job Board, Search, Circle-Wide Word Cloud, Visual Problem Mapping

See our guide for in-depth explanations of the key tools:
What are the most important tools?
The live video meetings allow people to have conversations that go far deeper than forums and group email tools. Email notifications are highly customizable to make the tool work for you.
What features does Qiqo provide which Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts do not?
When you're using Qiqo video chats, you're actually using Zoom as the underlying technology. Zoom is integrated into QiqoChat. On their own, Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts are tools for single video meetings. Qiqo provides single video meetings plus it keeps members connected between these video events using collaborative tools such as a newsletter, Slack integration, group blogging, written conversations, etc. Here is a blog post which goes into more detail on this topic.
What does Qiqo have that a listserv / Google Groups / discussion forum doesn't have?
If you want an email discussion tool like Google Groups or a listserv, Qiqo has you covered, plus it has a dozen other tools that you can customize to meet the needs of your circle.
What is a circle?
A circle is for any group of people that would like to collaborate online. You can create a circle here.
How does Qiqo compare to Facebook?
The biggest difference is that Qiqo makes it easy for members to schedule group video chats on important topics.
How does Qiqo compare to Linkedin?
The biggest difference is that Qiqo makes it easy for members to schedule group video chats on important topics.
How does Qiqo compare to Twitter?
The biggest difference is that Qiqo makes it easy for members to schedule group video chats on important topics.
How does Qiqo integrate with Slack?
We often recommend making Slack the center of your online community and integrating QiqoChat as its knowledge repository, shared calendar, etc. When you create a circle, look for "Optional Features" then "Show/Hide Features & Tools" and then "Advanced Features" at the bottom. When members of your circle post new conversations, events, articles, etc in your Qiqo circle, your Slack channel will receive a notification.
How does Qiqo integrate with Google Calendar?
You can embed a shared Google calendar into your circle on Qiqo. Click "Edit Circle" then "Show/Hide Features & Tools" and look for "Google Calendar ID".
How does Qiqo integrate with Zoom?
Live events on Qiqo happen using the Zoom tool for live audio/video meetings.
How do I upload a custom profile photo or add information about me?
Click on this link to edit your profile.
How do I send a direct message to another member?
Simply click on their profile photo and look for "Write an Email".
What is an unconference?
An unconference is a powerful way to organize participants. Here's an blog article we wrote on this topic.
What is a sub-circle?
You can make your circle a sub-circle of another circle. The link to the parent circle is on the sub-circle's homepage and vice-versa. When someone joins the sub-circle, they also join the parent circle.
How many emails will I get?
By default, everyone receives the weekly summary of activity in their circle(s), and it's easy to opt-out. You have the power to create additional notifications to stay updated on any conversation, event, article, etc. This is one of Qiqo's strengths. You will also receive an email if someone replies to you directly.
What is an email notification?
You can make Qiqo work for you by subscribing to receive updates and comments on any event, conversation, resource, etc.
What is a live event?
Anyone in a circle can schedule a live audio/video discussion on any topic. These events show up in a shared calendar and are included in notifications.
Who is the host for a live event?
The host is the person who created the event. The host and circle administrators also have the ability to send announcements during the event and to see the collaborative notes pages for all breakout spaces at the same time.
Can we post in-person events on the shared calendar?
Yes, in addition to creating online events which will be visible in the shared calendar for that circle, members can post links to events happening in-person and on other websites.
What is screensharing?
During a live event, any participant can use the screensharing button to show what is on their computer.
How does the schedule coordination tool work?
The schedule coordination tool lets you propose a few times for an event to see which one is most convenient for the most members. A link to this tool is above each circle's shared calendar.
What is the peer-to-peer weekly newsletter?
Rather than edited by a single person, it's crowdsourced. Everyone can post one announcement per week. The newsletter goes out every Monday morning.
Can I sign in with my existing social media account?
Yes. There's no need to remember a new username & password. You can sign in with Google, Slack, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Meetup.
What is the written conversation tool?
The conversation tool has a top-to-bottom "threaded" view that is similar to what you find in discussion forums. It also has a unique left-to-right view which helps keep large conversations organized.
What is the questions & recommendations tool?
It's an efficient way for your members to gather tips from each other.
What are collections?
You can gather questions and recommendations in "collections" so that you can easily see notifications in the top menu bar.
What is an article?
You can write an article (blog post) on Qiqo and invite other members to add comments. You can also share articles/resources from across the Web.
What is the task tracking tool?
This is a tool for when a few members will collaborate on a single project. Create a new article, scroll down and look for "More Options" and then "Project Task List" to turn this on.
What are uploaded files?
You can upload files from your computer. Look for "Articles, Links, & Files" in the top menu.
What are flashcards?
Flashcards are a good way to store bite-sized knowledge, especially in a circle where members are learning specific new skills or concepts. Look for "More" in the main menu.
What is the community calendar?
Each circle has one if the events tool is turned on. Anyone can announce new events by posting them on the shared calendar.
What are collaborative notes?
Each live event has a tool for collaborative notes, where up to 30 participants can type at the same time.
What is a job board?
Members can share job opportunities with other members. Look for "More" in the main menu.
How does search work?
Look for "Search" in the main menu, and you can search for items shared by other members.
What is the circle-wide word cloud?
The word cloud helps you see which words are used most frequently in your circle. Look for "More" in the main menu of your circle.
What is visual problem mapping?
This tool helps you create a visual diagram to uncover the root causes of a problem. Look for "More" in the main menu of your circle.
How do you start getting people involved?
Encourage people to use the simple tools first, such as the weekly newsletter. Then encourage them to take other actions such as scheduling live video meetings.
How large can a circle get?
There is no maximum.
What are some tips for keeping people engaged between live events?
Encourage your members to use the tool to start written conversations or the tool for sharing resources.
How do invitation-only circles work?
To add someone to your invitation-only circle, follow these steps: 1. Click the black menu bar in your circle and then the "Edit Circle" button. 2. Scroll to the bottom and click "Optional Features". 3. Select "Member Access" and then change the dropdown in Privacy Option 1 to "Yes". 4. In the box immediately below that, enter the email addresses of everyone you want to invite. 5. Scroll down and click the green "Update Circle" bottom.
How does the site work on a mobile phone or tablet?
Mobile phone users will see the same thing that laptop users will see. They may have to zoom in on some pages.
How can I make money with Qiqo?
Sign up as a Qiqo affiliate!
Can I host an online conference using Qiqo?
Absolutely. You can do this by using the live event tool. Schedule an event to last for a few hours. Think of the breakout tables as the different rooms where speakers would present during an in-person conference. You can re-use these breakout spaces for different topics after each session concludes. As the admin, start the event at the Main Table and have an assistant remain there to provide tech support as the conference continues, because that's where latecomers will arrive.
Can I record the live events?
Yes, you and any of your circle's five admins can record a live event. Look for "Participate", "Admin Controls", and then "Join Audio/Video as Host" in your live event. You or the admins must be present to start the recording. Other members can request to start the recording when you're present if you have to jump to another circle. The recording is saved to your laptop and you later can upload it as a resource in your circle if you wish.
What are some facilitation tips?
Let people know that Qiqo is a powerful tool, but there is a slight learning curve. Give your members a few tips for getting started, but don't worry about explaining everything, because they probably won't read too many instructions, and they can figure most of it out on their own if they are just a little bit patient.
Can people move themselves between breakout rooms during live events?
Yes. The "self-organizing" nature of Qiqo live events is one of its biggest strengths. This lets people join the conversation topics that are most interesting to them.
How does a group self-organize?
Anyone in your circle can host a live video meeting or start a written conversation on any topic.
How can I make a circle private?
If you are an admin of your circle, look for "Edit Circle", then "Member Access".
Can I customize how my circle looks?
Yes, you can add a logo, add an image at the top, and change the circle's colors.
How much does Qiqo cost?
1 cent/min per person for video chat. All other tools are free. Circles with more than 1000 members cost an additional $1/person. Specific details are on the homepage.
What if I want to kick someone out of my circle?
If you are an admin for your circle, look for "Edit Memberships" in the right hand column of your circle's homepage.
How do I edit my circle?
There is an "Edit Circle" button in the menu on your circle's homepage. This is visible to the circle's creator and assistant circle administrators when logged in.
What is the 1-on-1 phone hotline?
If you're available to chat by phone about a particular topic, you are able to receive phone calls from other members without having to share your phone number. Look for "Live Café" in the main menu of your circle.
What if someone says something inappropriate?
A circle can have up to five assistant administrators which you can add when you click "Edit Circle" on your circle's homepage. These admins can edit/delete content after it is posted. You can remove someone from your circle under "Edit Memberships" in the right-hand column of your homepage where you see all members listed.
How can I customize my circle?
If you are an administrator of that circle, click "Edit Circle" in the main toolbar at the top.
Can I upload a custom logo or photo for my circle?
Here is the link to edit your profile and add a photo.
Can I connect my Qiqo profile to my LinkedIn account?
Yes, visit the edit profile page.
What if I already get too much email?
By default, you will receive just one weekly newsletter summarizing all the activity in all your Qiqo circles each week. You can opt out of this email with one click. Also, if you use the Qiqo conversation tool, you will receive fewer emails than you would on a listserv or discussion forum, because you will receive just the new topic branches by default.
How do notifications work?
If you want additional email notifications for a circle or written conversation, look for "Notifications" in the main menu of that circle or conversation. To receive notification of new comments on an article/file/resource/etc, look for "Subscribe to comments" in the comment section.
Do I have to use Zoom video for the live events?
You can connect by phone if you prefer. Go to the event's page and click "Participate". The dial-in phone number is listed at the top left where it says, "First time or need help?".
How can Qiqo be used during an in-person conference?
You can create a live event on Qiqo which happens at the same time as your in-person event. Look for "Admin Controls" to label each breakout session
How do I add/remove breakout tables from a live event?
Look for "More Options" when editing/creating your event to set the number of breakout tables. You can set this number from 0 to 25. The site will perform a bit slower as the number of breakout tables increases, but this will not affect the audio/video communication which happens over Zoom.
What can I rename in my circle?
You can use a custom name for Live Café, live events, breakout tables, and a few other items which helps Qiqo speak the language of your members.
How can I thank someone for posting something on Qiqo?
At the top-right of your circle's homepage, you can share a "coin of appreciation" with any other member. Because everyone starts with just 20 of these "virtual currency" coins, they mean more than using the like button on Facebook.
Can I save the collaborative notes?
Yes, there is an export button at the top-right of the notes. The notes also remain online after your event is over and there is a button called "Timeslider" at the top-right to see all previous versions of the notes, so nothing is lost if someone overwrites the notes by mistake.
How do I download Zoom?
Here is the link to download the Zoom tool for video meetings for the audio/video live events.
How do I join an event as audio participant only?
You can dial into a live audio/video meeting without downloading the Zoom tool for video meetings.
How can I migrate a circle from Ning?
First, create a new circle on Qiqo. Then create a new article on Qiqo for any page Ning that you want to be in your Qiqo circle. Copy & paste the body of the Ning article into the body of the Qiqo article. Ning doesn't make this easy, but it is well worth it!
How do I send emails to all those who RSVP’d to an event?
If you created an event or are the circle administrator, there is a "Write Email" button on the landing page for your event. This will email everyone who has RSVPd and everyone who attended, even if they didn't RSVP.
If I inadvertently close my QiqoChat browser window during a live event, how do I get back in – assuming Zoom is still active?
To get back to a live event, you can always go to your circle's homepage which is a great starting point for most actions on Qiqo. Then look for the live event in the right-hand column.
How do I display an image for an event? For an article?
To add an image to your article or event, look for "More Options" at the bottom and then the options to upload a file. You can choose any photo that is on your computer. To upload an online photo, first download it to your computer.
What are video breakouts rooms?
Each live event is comes equipped with several tools such as collaborative notes, the ability to raise your hand, screensharing, and breakout rooms. To create a more dynamic and engaging experience, the host can let all participants divide into breakout rooms for engaging small-group discussions when necessary.
What is a good weekly/monthly rhythm?
The weekly newsletter goes out automatically, summarizing all the recent activity in your circle. You can schedule an informal video networking event that reoccurs each week to help people get to know each other. You can schedule a monthly video event with a great presenter.
Should I set ground rules?
That's a good idea. We recommend keeping them brief and listing them on your circle's homepage. If you need to have more detailed ground rules, you can write them in an article and link to them from your circle's homepage.
What is the best browser to use with QiqoChat on a desktop/laptop computer?
Qiqo works great with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and recent versions of Internet Explorer. If some content are not loading (such as profile images of users who are using their LinkedIn photo), it may be a result of your browser's settings which restrict content from 3rd party sites.
What is the best browser to use with QiqoChat on a mobile device?
Chrome is usually the best. If you find errors, please contact us at
What types of devices does QiqoChat support?
Qiqo is a collaboration tool so the bigger the screen, the better the experience. You can browse Qiqo on a mobile phone, iPad, or tablet, but it will be harder to type than if you were on a laptop/desktop computer. For live events, we strongly recommend a laptop/desktop because you will probably want to switch between the video tool and the notes tool.
How do I create my own circle?
Here is the link to create a new circle.
What is the differences between comments, conversations, and recommendations? How do I view them?
Comment on a Qiqo article, event, flashcard, etc are in a similar format to what you find across the web at the bottom of a newspaper article or blog post. Qiqo's conversation tool helps members respond to each other in a more structured format, so that people can go deeper on any topic than they can with comments. The recommendations tool is for gathering recommendations from many members in the format of "A is one of the best B, because of C."
Can I switch between Qiqo circles w/o logging off?
Yes, you can switch between any page on Qiqo without logging off. You can even close the page and come back later and you will still be logged in, unless you specifically logged out.
What is the difference between an in-person and an online event as far as QiqoChat is concerned?
If an event is happening on QiqoChat, then it happens through a tool called Zoom, which provides audio/video access. If you are posting an event which is not happening on Qiqo, then you are able to specify the direct link to the event so that people can RSVP there. The advantage of posting it on Qiqo is that it will be visible in the shared calendar and notifications will go out to all members of your circle.
What is QiqoChat's privacy policy?
It's simple: "We do not sell or give your email address or phone number to anyone." The full privacy policy is here.
How do I keep events private?
You can password-protect individual events. Look for "More Options" when editing/creating your event and then add a password.
How does search work? Can I search for phrases and tags?
The top menu for each circle contains a link to the search tool. If you enter a phrase of multiple words, Qiqo will perform a search on each word and will show all results. We search through the title, description, and tags for each item in your circle.
Can someone call into a live event by phone?
Yes, on the event's page, click "Participate" and then "First time or need help?"
How do I feature or unfeature an article/resource?
Admins can click the star next to the resource's name.
How do I add a link in my article/resource?
Look for the "Formatting Tips" button when adding/editing your article/resource.
Where do I start?
Look for "Become a Power User" in the left column on this page. When you're on your circle's homepage, you'll also see "What do you want to do?" which provides helpful tips.
How can I view a member's profiles?
Click on their profile photo.
How many assistant administrators can there be in a circle?
There is no limit. Here are the steps: 1. The creator of your circle would look for the "Edit" button at the top of their circle's homepage. 2. Scroll down and click "Optional Features" and open the section called "Member Access & Assistant Admins". 3. Enter the exact usernames (not emails) of the people you want to make assistant admins. This means they will have to have an account first.
What are the fees for using QiqoChat?
The person who creates your circle determines whether they will pay for all members or members will pay for themselves. We charge circle administrators 1 cent/min per person during video meetings. Some circle admins may choose to require payment for specific events, such as an online conference held on Qiqo.
How do I switch between the QiqoChat event screen and Zoom?
Qiqo and Zoom are two separate programs so one may cover the other. You can shrink each so that they both fit on the screen. Or to switch between these two programs, cse ALT+Tab on your PC (CMD+Tab on your Mac). Alternatively, you can change the size of the Zoom and Qiqo windows so that they sit side-by-side on the screen.
How do I email several members in one email?
If you are the administrator of your circle, you can email multiple members by going to "More" in the menu of your circle's homepage. Select members one at a time from the drop-down menu or press CTRL while you select more than one. If you create an event, you can email everyone who RSVP'd or opened the main table for your event; look for the arrow next to "RSVPs" and then click "Write Email". Your emails will go out whether or not the member has confirmed their email address.
How does Qiqo compare to Slack?
Slack is for written chat. Qiqo is for group video chat, among other things. Qiqo can integrate with Slack, so you can get the best of both worlds!
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Lucas Cioffi is the founder of QiqoChat. He is an Iraq War veteran turned software developer. While serving for three years on the board of a national non-profit with 1700 members, he saw the potential for new tools to make sharing organizational knowledge more fun and efficient.

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